MiX Fleet Manager


MiX Fleet Manager Essential (MiX 2000)


MiX Fleet Manager Essential is a simple, reliable, and affordable fleet management solution for monitoring drivers and vehicles. If you thought fleet management was only for the ‘heavyweights’ of the fleet world, think again. MiX Fleet Manager Essential is the perfect solution for fleet managers and owners looking to boost efficiency with an indispensable set of features, including tracking, vehicle management and driver behaviour monitoring.

MiX Fleet Manager Essential offers peace of mind by knowing exactly where vehicles are and how they are being driven. By tracking mobile assets, in real-time and historically, fleet operators are able to better utilize their assets, manage driver behaviour, and boost the performance of their fleet, ultimately saving money. Another major advantage is improved customer service. By being able to find the closest vehicle to a customer, the number of customer visits can be increased and estimated times of arrival improved. Distances travelled can also be monitored and reduced, while vehicle misuse can be detected and stopped.

Many fleet managers need to monitor the locations and statuses of their vehicles and drivers, without wanting the complexity - and cost - of a premium, full fleet management system. MiX Fleet Manager Essential plugs this gap by offering fleet operators a simpler, more affordable tracking solution. CONTACT US NOW


  • Improved operational efficiency, with the integrated reporting suite delivering reports via e-mail.
  • Enables fleet operators to speed up arrival times at customer sites as well as provide customers with more accurate estimated times of arrival by using simple and easy-to-use functions, such as the ‘find nearest vehicle’ feature.
  • Fuel savings and improved safety due to driver behaviour modification, through real-time driver information and event notifications.
  • Thanks to the service and licencing reminder feature, assets are kept operational through the efficient management of maintenance schedules. This ensures fewer unnecessary costs and unexpected breakdowns.
  • Reduced risk and unauthorised vehicle usage. Knowing where mobile assets are and being notified about their operational statuses enables customers to reduce mileage, defend false accident claims and ensure that their vehicles are not being used outside of authorised hours.
  • Improved driver behaviour with basic driver management by configuring various event alerts including speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking.


MiX Fleet Manager Essential enables fleet operators to track and trace the movement and behaviour of their vehicles and drivers from anywhere, at any time. Be it a fleet of trucks or a mixed fleet of cars, vans, and trucks, MiX Fleet Manager Essential is fleet management made easy.

Vehicles are fitted with a small on-board computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can then access this information online, via the solution’s web-based software platform. Some features are also available via MiX Fleet Manager Mobile, the solution’s free app for Android and iOS devices. Both web and mobile interfaces are easy to navigate and are compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems. So, data and reports are available 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer as well as from smartphones and/or tablet devices.


  • Trip Data Recording (including vehicle speed, engine speed, trip start and end times), Driving Violations (over-speeding, harsh acceleration harsh braking harsh cornering), User defined events
  • Reduce unauthorised vehicle usage with starter interrupt immobilizer
  • Report vehicle battery tampering while powered from internal backup battery
  • Notifications for low vehicle battery and vehicle battery disconnect/reconnect
  • Integration with 2 optional accessories like Driver ID tag and Trailer Tracking
  • Event notifications in-vehicle via driver feedback buzzer
  • Over-the-air firmware downloads
  • The 3-axis motion sensor is capable of measuring accelerations and impact
  • Internal GSM antenna and high sensitivity GPS


Web and mobile accessibility makes tracking vehicles easy and convenient, while insightful data provides actionable intelligence on demand. The feature-rich software platform has the capacity to report basic, real-time information on current and historical vehicle locations and driver behaviour. Other useful information is also displayed such as speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations and a trail of where the asset has been. Proactive monitoring enables real-time asset management. Take immediate corrective action and send messages to and from assets and/or drivers.


MiX Insight Reports give the fleet manager access to various reports allowing for trend analysis. Reports provide detail on driver behaviour and fuel consumption, for example, so that these aspects can be effectively managed. Reports available include asset movement reports, movements into and out of locations, driver scoring, event violations and cost analysis reports. Reports provide insight into the journeys undertaken by drivers, highlighting exceptions (e.g. entry into no-go zones), driving violations (e.g. over-speeding), and include details such as trip start date and time, location from which departed, trip distance, end location, driving time, idling time, parking time, associated driver, and more.

Users - typically business owners or fleet managers - can log on and access activity timelines, insightful reports, notifications, an information hub, and more to:

  • Track vehicles on a map in real time, or perform a replay
  • Define and manage locations, stops and zones
  • Get notifications (online and via email) for events relating to impacts, speeding and harsh braking, acceleration and cornering
  • Identify and manage drivers, licences, and certifications
  • Manage vehicles, odometer readings, licences, certifications, and services
  • Generate movement, event, trip and utilisation reports.

Optimising the use of mobile assets through vehicle tracking, results in increased levels of efficiency and effectiveness. By tracking vehicles and monitoring driver behaviour, fleet managers are able to improve their customer service levels, eliminate unnecessary costs, and take greater control of their fleets. They’ll know precisely where vehicles are, or were, better understand traffic violations and gain insights into general vehicle utilization.


  • MiX Driver Identification – Control access to vehicles
  • MiX Trailer Tracking – Mobile asset location management
  • MyMiX – Driver engagement platform
  • MiX Track and React Bureau Service – 24/7 control of your fleet
  • Driver Performance Management – Monitor, improve and reward good driver behaviour