Self Install Telematics

FMB003 2G

Our smallest 2G tracker that fits perfectly in any car

Self Install Telematics

Introducing our latest breakthrough in vehicle tracking technology: the smallest 2G tracker, designed for effortless self-installation in any car. Engineered with compactness in mind, this cutting-edge tracker boasts advanced features while remaining discreet and unobtrusive. From safeguarding against theft to monitoring your fleet's movements, our tracker offers real-time location updates, customizable geo-fencing, and instant tamper alerts, all accessible via a user-friendly mobile app or web interface. Say goodbye to bulky, complicated installations; our streamlined design ensures effortless integration, empowering you to protect your vehicle with ease and precision.


Benifit 1

Plug & Play

Plug it in & its ready to be used.

Benift 2

Low-cost installation

Little to no cost to install.

Benifit 3

Empirical Data

  • Mileage
  • Fuel usage
  • RPMs
  • DTC reading for uptime optimization

Use Cases

Efficient fuel management is one of the key success factors for businesses in a wide range of industries. Whether you run a small delivery service or manage a large fleet, effective management of fuel consumption is essential to control costs, reduce environmental impact and remain competitive.
As the market penetration of telematics companies in the B2C segment is rather limited, this use case is a great platform for telematics service providers to reach new target groups such as private car owners. Pay As You Drive is a fairly well-known business model that offers better risk management tools for insurance companies and better service quality and commercial conditions for drivers willing to install GPS trackers and comply with traffic rules.
Delivery is a business where efficiency is everything. Customers expect their goods to be delivered on time, and meeting these expectations is a must if the company is to make a solid profit. Anything that causes delays should be minimised or eliminated. Facilitated by GPS devices, timely vehicle maintenance can significantly reduce the number of irregularities and help the business grow.
The global market for private and family cars is not only huge, it is growing year on year. So is the demand for responsible driving, safety, behaviour awareness, fuel efficiency, timely maintenance, and auto theft risk reduction using the latest technologies. To meet the needs of the B2C market, we at Teltonika Telematics have developed a practical vehicle GPS tracking, monitoring and messaging solution.
The motor trade is comprised of two main segments - new car dealers and used car dealers. In recent years, used car sales have become an important source of profit for many new car dealers as margins on new cars have shrunk. By keeping track of fleet conditions, the industry can improve customer retention and overall customer service.
Time is not infinite and is one of the most precious resources in any business, in any country. Poor time management can damage a company's reputation, projects, revenue streams, and set it back against its competitors. Fortunately, some tedious and manual time-consuming routines can be automated, and it's becoming not just an attractive option, but a necessity. That is why we are pleased to tell you more about Teltonika's ready-to-use GPS trackers.
GPS trackers provide valuable data for business efficiency and protect vehicles from theft. At the same time, trackers can be stolen for sale, sabotaged by being reconfigured with faulty parameters or hacked to steal sensitive data. In order to prevent unauthorised access to the trackers, additional security measures are required for logging in via all possible devices. If a login fails, the user is denied access and the trackers remain secure.
If you are one of those drivers or fleet managers who find completing your logbook a tedious and time-consuming process, we have good news for you. Thanks to Teltonika GPS trackers, you can automate almost the entire process by using an accurate and reliable GPS electronic logbook.
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting most of the countries and businesses around the world. Many governments keep introducing various lockdown measures including mandatory body temperature daily screening procedure for company and organization personnel along with the fleet drivers. GPS tracker with Bluetooth® connectivity in a combination with modern electronic wearables can be an effective and affordable solution for this matter.
One of the more advanced features of GPS trackers is the ability to create Geofence scenarios in a real-time with triggered alerts. Geofences are designated areas or zones that can be defined on a map or as a distance from the specific location. The feature may help to comply with some pandemic lockdown measures and greatly benefit private car owners, families, corporate fleet managers and business owners. All Teltonika GPS tracker models have Geofence as a standard feature.