MXV Silver Package

MXV Silver Package


Matrix MXV gives you the flexibility to add specific services to your subscription based on your personal needs. MXV includes GPS Pinpoint Positioning as the base service, in addition to the standard features.

Use the new Matrix Vehicle Tracking app to see the location of all the vehicles on your account on the map. To add any of the additional services, simply select the icon of the service in the Matrix app to request activation.

MXV Silver Package Services/Features

Standard Included Features
  • GPS Pinpoint Positioning
  • Smartphone App
  • National Network Coverage
  • 24/7 National Operations Centre
  • Auto Testing & Confidence Checks
  • Insurance Approved
MXV Silver Services Included
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
    • Recovery of your vehicle in case of theft or hijacking
  • Trips
    • View individual trips on a map and customise location names.
  • Panic Alert With Remote
    • Silent distress signal via remote to request emergency assistance or roadside assistance.
  • Geoloc Advanced Alert
    • An anti-theft solution that alerts you if your vehicle is moved without your consent. Enabled via the mobile app.
  • Vehicle & Driver Behavior Monitoring
    • Harsh Accelerations, Harsh Braking, etc.
Additional Features

In addition to the mentioned services, MXV subscribers can add the following services to their subscription at an additional fee per month. Simply contact or select the relevant icon on in the Matrix Vehicle Tracking App and request the service to be activated.

  • Crash Alert
    • The tracking device will detect impact and sent an alert to the 24-hour response centre if your vehicle is involved in an accident.
  • Border Alert
    • Notifies you when your vehicle gets near a South African border.
  • Power Down
    • An alert is triggered when the Matrix units main power is disconnected
  • Roadside & Medical Assist
    • Request roadside and medical assistance 24/7 using the mobile app or panic remote.
  • No-Go Zones
    • Alerts you when your vehicle enters pre-defined high risk areas.
  • Matrix Protect
    • Additional services including licence renewals, assistance with fines and RAF claims, windscreen repairs and claims due to pothole damage.